The 4 Most Profitable Ways to Make Money Online

You wanna make some extra cash, perhaps even replace your income, through the internet? You’ve started researching different systems and ways but you’re so confused that you’re thinking about giving up? Read through this article and the different tips inside to figure out what you need to do.


Ah, the infamous adsense. You’ve probably seen these things all over the internet, on crappy web sites to authorities. And you’ve probably heard that the barrier to entry is practically none - so you probably started out with this model, except that you don’t know how to get traffic or how to increase your CTR, and what not. First let me explain what adsense is, then I’ll explain some basic tips to increase your CTR and traffic, and finally I’ll finish off with some pros and cons and what to realistically expect.

Adsense is something Google invented. Its purpose is to target consumers to different businesses’ websites in exchange for a small fee. You, the person with the adsense, also get a small fee (albeit much smaller at first). If your traffic level is consistent and your CTR (how often your visitors click on the ads) is high enough, your income will be pretty consistent as well. Adsense is the ultimate beginning level of making money online because it’s easy and it works.

Basic and essential tips to get you started:

1. Use square/rectangle and skyscrapers shaped ads
2. Blend your ads’ font colors to those used in your site
3. Put the ads above the fold (meaning your visitors won’t have to scroll down)

A CTR of 3% is average and anything below or around 10% is pretty good. Anything above that, the website owner is probably doing something extraordinary. Personally, my sites are around 9% because I blend my ads very well. If you’re using PLR (private label rights) or you’re rehashing used material, your site’s traffic is going to peter down quickly, because only using unique, quality content will guarantee that other website owners link to your website and thus “cement” your google rankings. If you don’t use unique, quality content, your rankings will deteriorate and you must keep working at it until you burn out.
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Useful Tips For Setting up Your Home Office - Work At Home

Setting up your home office in a proper way is one of the most important tasks you will face when you make the decision to work from the comfort of your own home. Your home office can be a corner of your kitchen or living room or even your own bedroom.

Size is less important that functionality. When deciding on where to set up the nerve center of your business, there are some factors you need to consider before setting up a home office.

Is the area well lit?

Proper lighting is extremely important. Spending hours at a time in a dimly lit work space can create eyestrain which, after long periods of time, could lead to more serious problems with your vision.

Are there plenty of electrical outlets?

Take into consideration what appliances you will have in your work space. Your computer system will require an outlet for your cpu, monitor, scanner, printer, speakers (sometimes) and other ancillary equipment you may have.

Is the area well ventilated and dust free?

All of that computer equipment needs to “breath” to remain cool and functioning properly. If you have ever “fried” a computer you know how important it is to keep the fan clean and dust free.

Do you have telephone access?
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10 Work at Home Tips You Must Know

Definitely, you must have heard about the millions of job opportunities available on the internet. Such jobs are especially appealing since they offer you flexibility and the opportunity to be your own boss. Yes, they also enable you to save time and money as you work in the comfort of your own home and not need to travel to work. However, after deciding to take on a home business, many are not able to manage it effectively enough to run a successful one. So, there are 10 work at home tips that you must know to enable your home business to flourish.

1. Give yourself time to adjust

If you used to have a 9 to 5 job, it is only natural that you feel uneasy working at home. As such, you need to give yourself time to adjust and try to make the best of what you have.

2. Have a structured schedule

List out the work that you need to accomplish by the end of each day and give sufficient time for each task. Also, remember to allocate enough rest time for yourself. By having a clear to-do list, you will be organized and in full control of your work. It is important that you remember to follow your deadlines as procrastinating will never get you anywhere.

3. Create your personal work space

It is important that you designate a particular area in your home as your work place. This will enable you to be focused at work, preventing you from mixing too much family time into your work life. Do also get your family members to respect that area and not disturb you while you are busy.

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